The Secret Nail Pros are all talking about…Dipping Nails…Kiara Sky


Will you like to Dip?

So what exactly is it?! The newest manicure method out there! Kiara Sky dipping nails are mostly made up of skin and nail nourishing vitamins with a very small amount of acrylites (acrylic).  The nails are sealed with a special primer coat and then a beautiful colored powder is placed on the nail! Nails are then placed with a top coat that transforms the grainy looking dipped nails into diamond shining nails! Who doesn’t want diamond shining nails?


Why Dip?

Why would you switch from your Gel Manicure to a Dip Service?   Hmmmm…..well….There is no smell associated with the Kiara Sky dipping nails…. which is a big plus in my book!  More importantly……..

uv damage

….No UV lights! Yep that means hands do not get baked under damaging lights! There is no light application required at all!  .They are fully cured within two minutes of the top coat application!  Those of you who get Gel Nails will also find that there is no difference in the length of time from getting a Gel manicure vs. a Dip Nail Service.

Dipping Durability

Dip Nails last longer…typically 3 to 4 weeks (Gels only last 2-3).  At a fill appointment you can expect that your last dip nails will be gently removed and then easily replaced.  The Dipping application process is so interesting to watch!


There are so many beautiful colors and styles to chose from, and you have more options for designs on your nails. One of the biggest plus’s…. the polish cannot peel off, which means you won’t be conspicuously picking your nail.  Dipping Nails means more creativity, durability, strength and health for your nails!


Wanna Dip with Us?

Contact us at Cielo Salon 716-652-7633 to book your appointment and get dipping! For appointments and questions leave a comment below!


Written By: Sarah Jankowski


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