Spring: A lovely reminder of how BEAUTIFUL change can be!

Shiny portrait of beautiful happy woman
Brighten her Easter with a Cielo Gift Card

It’s time to take our coats and hats off and show ourselves once again.  That cute little hat is coming off and how has your hair held up through the winter?  We would be happy to help you get your locks back in order.

The sun is shining and you have family and friends to see…how about a conditioning treatment and some highlights to brighten your look.  Get out the sundresses and imagine COLOR again!

Email us for an appointment!

or Call 716-652-7633  We are here M-F 9am-7pm and Sat 9am-4pm

It’s Pedicure Season!

Yes! Kick the salt covered boots to the corner and start thinking about Toes in Strappy Sandals.  You may need  to detox your skin from all the heavy moisturizers over the winter.  We have some amazing pedicures that soothe, moisturize and detoxify.

charcoal pedi card

We look Forward to seeing you!   Happy Easter Everyone!

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