What is your number one concern as a client? In most cases it can be the condition of your hair. With many great treatments that can be done on your hair, let us tell you about our absolute favorite…



D-plex is the armored shield that protects and improves hair during the process’ of all chemical treatments and service’s with your stylist’s at Cielo! We rely on Dplex for its amazing and consistent results.

We pride ourselves in delivering you the best products with the newest technology.  When coming in for your appointment, you may be looking to make drastic changes to your color, with the fear….”is that obtainable?”  With the protection from Dplex and you’re experienced stylist…it is now! Dplex will leave your hair feeling stronger, in better condition and with increased shine.


This is a two part system that your stylist at Cielo can apply.  Step 1 fortifies Dplex into your color or lightener for highlights, or balayage. Step 2 fuses strength into your hair as the stylist rinses your hair at the backbar.

STEP 1 FORTIFY: Fortify is added into your color formula, or lighener to begin protecting the existing internal and external hair strengthening during the entire service.

STEP 2 FUSE: After rinsing all chemicals from your hair, FUSE is worked through your hair to fortify the bonds and structural integrity of your hair. The added hydration will help to close the cuticle layer, reducing frizz, providing you intense shine

This NEW luxury upgrade service is available NOW! Dplex will allow you to achieve the color you may have thought was not possible…..without any of the damage! 

Achieve the color you’ve imagined and the shine you couldn’t imagine!

Ask your stylist for dplex at your next appointment!!!

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