Can a Makeover Really Change Your Life? You be the Judge…..

Every year Cielo Salon and Westermeier Martin Dental Care ( partner up to give one deserving mom a new smile and a fresh new look. With this partnership she not only has a full restoration of her smile, she receives a makeover, complete with hair and makeup from one of our top Stylists here at Cielo Salon (, a stress relieving massage from Eros Spa ( and a weekend for two spent relaxing at the Roycroft Inn ( in the heart of historic East Aurora.

This year Nancy Olejniczak won the life changing makeover and a weekend experience. Here at Cielo Salon we can honestly say that it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of Nancy’s experience. Shown below are her remarkable before and after pictures.


The New Haircut

Jeanie Mattina, Expert Stylist, gave an in-depth consultation to Nancy to understand her concerns and offer her professional advice on how to achieve her new look.  Nancy explained that she wanted to rid herself of the length and weight she was carrying in her  hair.  Her hair had lost it’s shape and didn’t suit her face structure.  She wanted a low maintenance style with more volume.


The New Color

Nancy’s natural color had grown in completely white.  Because she had asked for low maintenance Jeanie decided to do a full high and low light foil finishing off with Wella Illumina Glaze.  This formula made it possible for Nancy’s hair to grow out, without noticeable “regrowth”. This composition also gave her shine and depth within the layers of her hair.  JEANIE APPLYING MAKEUP

The New Makup

Temptu airbrushed makeup was used on Nancy to bring out the natural beauty of the structure of her face by contouring and highlighting her features.  Nancy wanted a natural “un-madeup” appearance.  Jeanie accomplished  this request with a custom blended pallet of eye, check and lip shades that can only be achieved through the delicate mixture and application of airbrush makeup.  Airbrush makeup is known to have a dewy glowing appearance that is whisper light and enduring throughout your day.


Senior Stylist, Jeanie was happy to be a part of Nancy’s makeover….Jeanie commented  “I  love seeing her new glowing confidence”.

The New Nancy

Nancy was so deserving of this makeover and we believe that you are too. If you need a makeover and feel as though your current look needs a little glow, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free consultation. Our professional stylists would love to help you find the look that makes you feel confident, fresh and new.



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