One Easy and Elegant Way to Add Glam to Your Day

Did you think headbands were an accessory of your past?

Think again!

Mireya Villarreal, Pink Pewter’s founder and designer, has made it her aim to create easy yet stylish headbands. This unique hair jewelry was made with the intent of adding a little glam to your day, while also giving you a little extra charm to meet your style needs. And the best part is, the styling options with this amazing little band seem to be limitless.
These headbands have proven to be versatile with everyday use and provide great support as well. In fact, women have overwhelmingly said that due to a soft felt backing, these headbands are comfortable and actually stay up too. Now ladies, if you have ever worn a headband in the past, you know this is a huge deal!


Pink Pewter headbands are great for every day wear. You can throw one on after the gym, wear it to work, or even style it for a night out on the town. In fact, singer Carrie Underwood seems to find a way to style these bands into many of her everyday looks.

The band above is the “Allison” created by Pink Pewter.

Beyond everyday wear, these headbands have proven to add a beautiful touch to the most elegant of wedding styles. Here at Cielo Salon we offer many different Pink Pewter headbands that would look great for your big day. Talk to one of our stylists, and we would love to help you incorporate this glamorous band into your wedding day hair style.

pink pewter bride

Pink Pewter headbands are a style must for any look or occasion. Throwing one of these headbands on with any of your outfits will create a fun and glamours look that everyone will absolutely adore. At Cielo Salon, we want you to feel wonderful every time you step out of our door. With that being said, we feel that these headbands are an accessory must to make your day sparkle.

Written by Courtney Kavanaugh


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