The Magic Behind Olaplex


Healthy hair is sexy hair!  We know that from years of coloring and everyday damage can take a toll on your hair.


Cielo Salon is excited to be offering the newest ground breaking technology in color and highlighting services. Olaplex is the ONLY product that can rebuild, repair, and strengthen the disulfide sulfur bonds in hair.

Olaplex is a NEW luxury upgrade service available to clients to push the envelope further without compromising the integrity of your hair.

Olaplex  is going to make your hair stronger, healthier, and your color will last longer with no damage.


 Why Olaplex?

As we chemically treat and thermally style our hair, we have to keep a realistic mindset as to what our hair can handle. Olaplex is a tool that allows professionals to maintain the integrity of your hair, in reaching new levels than before.

STEP ONE – Olaplex bond multiplier is added to your color formula to begin its strengthening process during your chemical service.

STEP TWO – After rinsing chemicals from the hair, Olaplex bond perfector is worked into the hair to further repair disulfide bonds while hair is still at an alkaline PH for at least ten minutes. It is then rinsed, shampooed, and then followed with an appropriate conditioning treatment.

STEP THREE – Olaplex Hair Perfector is a weekly treatment for home use between chemical services to maintain and improve strength.


What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is NOT a conditioning treatment.  Olaplex IS a bond perfector.

Our hair is made up of protein bonds. These disulfide bonds give our hair strength. Chemical services with alkaline reaction such as perms, colors, lighteners and relaxers break these disulfide bonds down over time causing breakage.  Two of the worlds leading PhDs invented an ingredient free of oils, silicones, parabans, gluten & cruelty to animals which will relink and build the broken bonds during and after the chemical services making them stronger than they were before.

The proof is in the results!


Call Cielo Salon (716)652-7633 to book your color appointment today!

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