Stylist Profile | Kate

I have been doing hair since 2002 when I graduated from Ormsby BOCES and started in the industry shortly thereafter. I have been at Cielo Salon since 2007. Color and cutting have become my specialty and I feel as though I am able to change the look of my client through these two techniques. For example, I can bring out the color of a clients eyes or make their skin look radiant simply by choosing the right hair color! I am also able to lift someone’s face up by cutting their hair to compliment their face shape.


I have taken countless classes through the years including attending master classes in New York City where I spent two days taking cutting classes at the Wella Studio. I have also taken classes with well known educators such as Philip Wilson (ColorProof) and Oscar Bond (Lanza).


I am very inspired by the fashion industry. I enjoy many retro and classic type looks, and love to modify them to fit today’s fashion trends. As the fashion industry changes it’s looks each year, so do the styles in the hair industry. It’s important to stay up to date!


I like to be ready for my clients, and personally start and finish their service. I even like helping my clients book their next appointment. It is important for me to feel like my client is getting what they’re looking for when they sit in my chair, from how much time they spend on their hair, to styles they like, I can come up with a cut or color that fits perfectly into their daily routine.


I truly love my job because I can help people feel and look their best. I also love meeting new people everyday, so come to Cielo Salon and book your next cut or color service with me!

Hours Tuesday 9:30-8:00 Friday 9:30-4:00 Saturday: 9:00-3:00

See more of my work on my Pinterest board!

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